Swimming Lessons and Inca headdresses by Kaitlin and Zak #bestbloggers #classblog

Every Tuesday, year five go swimming. It is Zak and my favourite lesson at school and, even though we are in the lowest pool, it is still fun. This week, we were practising saving people’s lives we all had to take it very seriously. If you were in a situation like this you should take off your tee shirt and throw it in so you can pull them out with it. On other days we do really fun things like swimming across the water, although sometime’s it’s a bit horrible when the water gets in your mouth and nose! Our teacher Caitlin is the best teacher and is super fun! By the way, we go to Palatine leisure centre near South Shore Academy! You should try visiting sometime; it’s an amazing place.




Now to Incas! We have made the most amazing headdresses ever. So we have to thank Miss Davies and Mr Haigh for supplying us with materials with their own money and using their lunch to find materials. We don’t need to be told they look good because we know it! We have used all of the amazing knowledge we learnt about Incas to put together the best headdresses of 2017! Please look at this picture of Kaitlin and myself to show you our wonderful headdresses of 2017!

by Zak and Kaitlin





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Writing a play script by Stephanie and Preston

The play script is about Grandpa Chatterji. He was a man from India. He dressed differently and he slept on the floor. He was untidy; he did yoga and he was very different to Grandpa Leicester who was very strict!

When they where cooking they made a mess in the kitchen and they made nice Indian food like curried potatoes, vegetables and onion bhajis!  He took them to a field of poppies. I enjoyed the story because  Grandpa Chatterji is funny and he lets the children do what they want.

This is a photo of Stephanie and Preston with our play scripts:

This is my play script:


This is my play  script:



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Designing a gadget of the Future by Caitlin and Owen #futuretech #gadgets

Hi, my name is Caitlin and this week in literacy  we were writing instructions on how to operate an imaginary gadget. My idea was to design funky space boots. They could quickly transport you anywhere you like! You only have to press a few buttons and they will give you anything and they can also be controlled by your mind. They are the speediest things on the universe. They would be £500 in the shop and £450 on the internet but they take 5 weeks to come! It would be great to design these.

Caitlin’s Space Boots (Click for larger image)

I’m Owen and my idea for a gadget was a house robot that can do different thing such as: Cooking things in a microwave, Teleporting you to where ever you are and other, useful things like that. It’s about 3 ft 3 tall and all you have to do is get a key and open the box. Then press the power button and it will activate. It would cost about £275.

B.I.P by Owen (Click for larger image)

We were really impressed by the fantastic designs the Year 5s came up with and how they created a neat set of chronological instructions to go with their products.






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Titanic models by Joshua and Ella


We created our models for our homework.We had three weeks to complete them. Our class has been studying it because it is a historic advent.

Joshua made his model using cardboard. Then I painted it and I looked on Google for a picture. I painted it the same colors of the real Titanic.

Here is a picture of me with my model:

Keira was the winner in our class because it was in the sea and it looked like it was sinking. Some of our parents came into school yesterday and Mrs. Coupe judged the models .

Here is a picture of the winner:

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Using ‘Scratch’ to create a story

We have been working really hard today to learn new features of the Scratch Graphical Programming language. Year 5 are currently improving their numeracy skills through ‘Scratch Maths’ which can enhance learning through trial and improvement… Today the class got to work with Scratch on their own and experiment to create stories and animations. Here is an excellent example, showing some of the amazing things you can do with Scratch –  created by Owen in 5B. Well done!

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Marton 2-0 Thames

Marton recorded their first victory of the league campaign thanks to second-half goals from Ben B and Harley C. The hosts maintained their unbeaten start to the season, keeping a clean sheet and making it five points from a possible six as they seek to qualify for Finals Day on 25th May.

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League result: Marton 4 – 4 Our Lady

20160127 LGE vs Our Lady 4-4 result


Marton produced a stunning comeback as they opened their league campaign in torrid conditions in front of a large crowd. The hosts, who found themselves 0-3 down at half time, were able to claw their way to register their first points of the season in a pulsating encounter with Our Lady.

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Aaliyah’s Rocket

I am happy to share how I made my rocket set.

For our homework we had to make a rocket and the best three would get a prize. I went to my Gran’s house and I started planning. The next day I started making it. On Monday I went to school and took my rocket in and at the end of the month I won the Bronze Award. I won pens, a pad, a pencil, a rubber, a sharpener and marshmallows.


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Year 5 Cake Sale, by Jermaine W

For the past few weeks we have been planning a cake sale. Thank you to all our friends and family for kindly donating a massive amount of cake!

We had three sales in the end and we managed to raise £185 for Save the Children’s Syria appeal. It’s a charity that helps the children that can’t help themselves. The money is going to the poor refugees whose houses get blown to bits. All they see is bombs blowing up in their faces. They shouldn’t see that in their lives.

We are very lucky that we have a roof over our heads but sometimes I think we are too lucky.

The cake sale was fantastic!

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Minions Going to Space, by Max


This is me and my rocket. It took me two weeks to make. It is made out of paper, cardboard, paint, tin foil, tape and two bottles. I had fun making it. I hope you all like it.

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